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Update: Texas Gravel Championship Cancelled

We are announcing today that the Texas Gravel Championship will not take place on June 27th in Rosebud, Texas.

Last week, USA Cycling provided detailed guidance about measures that should be put into place for events permitted under USA Cycling. After reviewing this guidance in detail, we have determined that we have neither the financial nor the volunteer resources needed to put on our event as scheduled and in compliance with USA Cycling’s current COVID-19 guidelines.

We also do not wish to compromise the integrity of the Texas Gravel Championship by shortening the event and/or changing its format as we feel strongly that the route and current format are truly worthy of a championship event.

We look forward to bringing back the Texas Gravel Championship to Rosebud once COVID-19 considerations are no longer an issue.


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No Upcoming Races

The Gritty Teeth Racing has no new races scheduled due to Covid-19. We will keep monitoring the sitution and schedule races again once it is safe to do so.